The French Laundry Cometh …

Had such a fine time today! We very happily hosted the extraordinary wine team from the impossibly fine French Laundry today; wonderful, wonderful guests, and dare I say it, wonderful, wonderful wines. Such a treat to have them here, it was an absolute pleasure to host. And what a spread of wine! Couldn’t imagine more pleasant company to share these offerings with, and I hope our guests enjoyed the opportunity to be on the receiving end of the hospitality endeavor; lord knows they’re committed to providing it, I hope we were able to offer at least a modicum of payback. Special cheers to our VP of Vineyard Operations David Gates for his exceptional touring and hosting, and a heartfelt thank you to our guests; for their participation in The French Laundry’s timeless contribution to California’s culinary legacy, and of course for their support of our wines!

As to the wines themselves, here is the rundown of what we tasted:

2008 Santa Cruz Mountains Estate Chardonnay
2006 Monte Bello Chardonnay

2008 Lytton Springs (not yet released)
2008 PaganiRanch (not yet released)
2008 York Creek (not yet released)

2008 Geyserville
2008 East Bench
2008 Paso Robles
2008 Ponzo

1999 Geyserville
1999 Lytton Springs

2007 Santa Cruz Mountains Estate Cabernet/Merlot (375ml)
2007 Monte Bello (not yet released/375ml)
2006 Monte Bello (375ml)

1988 Monte Bello
1990 Monte Bello
1995 Monte Bello (375ml)

For myself, quite a day. Thelong  journey from here …

… to there!

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  1. I’m so jealous! Yummy lineup, Christopher.

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