10 Years Between Them: ’05 & ’95 Monte Bello

Had a lovely opportunity this past week to taste two Monte Bellos with ten years between them; the 2005 and the 1995.  


Siblings again!

 ‘Twas fascinating to taste these side by side; in their own unique ways, they’re both quite structured, and both evidence a ripely sweetish character to the fruit. That said, the 05 seems the more muscular of the two, while the 95 is a tad more herbaceous. Birds of a feather certainly, but with key distinctions; the 05 seems somewhat more voluptuous, at least in terms of girth on the palate, but it’s not sensuous per se; rather, it’s intensely forward. This is a wine that pursues you, you do not pursue it. The 95, conversely, attracts you with a slyly supple come-on early, then retreats into comely mystery; here, you are the pursuer. 

And lastly, a mystery pic. Any ideas? It was taken during the tasting; that’s my only clue for you … 

The Mystery Pic ...



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  1. re: mystery pic:
    down the decanter, reflections & all

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