Fire, Fire On The Mountain -or- Fire On The Mountain Run Boys Run!

Scary day up here on Friday; this time of year is always a high-caution time, and the heat poses no more serious a threat than it does right now. We lived this in real-time on Friday afternoon, when a fire tore through 5 rows worth of grapes right behind our main barn.

Cheers to our hero Esmeralda for first spotting the flames and sounding the alarm, to Heidi for being right there with her to get to work putting down the flames, and cheers to Nicole, Chuck, David,  Mark, Sean, Amy, and all the MB staffers who were so quickly to the scene with hoses and fire extinguishers, and cheers to the Fire Department for getting up the mountain so quickly.

I’m very happy to say that no one was harmed, and we all feel very grateful, as things could have been so, so much worse.

Here are a few pics; apologies for not having any dramatic ones full of flames and smoke but, you know, had to get the fire put out and all that … And thanks, by the way, for all the kind words folks have sent our way, we’re fortunate for your thoughts …

Categories: Events & Photographs, Monte Bello, Vineyards and Oenology, Wine Tales

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