Membership Months: Edition II, July!

Membership Months at Ridge Vineyards!

Ridge Vineyards was very excited to debut a new Member Benefit back in February of 2010, something we called Membership Months. It was the first time we rolled it out, and I think it’s safe to say all concerned were quite pleased with the results; meaning, we had great wine, you came to taste it, we poured it, you loved it, you left with it, we were happy, you were happy, success!

So now, after a very excellent February edition, we’re ready for round two! Here’s the story:

All during the months of February and July, we invite you, the members of our ATP, Monte Bello Collector, and Z List wine programs, to bring your friends and family to our tasting rooms, where each and every one of your guests will enjoy member pricing on all tasting fees!

Ok, that’s the scoop, so, if you’re a member of one of our wine programs, round up your family and friends, and bring ’em out to see us! And if you’re not a member? Well, two options: join, or make friends with a member!

In all seriousness, please join us for these very special opportunities to extend your special member benefits to those that are special to you.



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