1997 Monte Bello: Tasting Notes …

Had the occasion to taste 1997 Monte Bello with Paul Draper today; here’s a quick report:

Rich, dark, deep plumminess in the bowl, evidencing surprisingly viscous legs for only being 12.9% abv … astonishingly concentrated nose; succulent and juicy; hints of cassis, fruit compote, quince, and blueberry slump (a rather archaically exquisite pseudo-pie-in-a-pot concoction I had the great privilege of eating on a visit to Maine as a child) … fine resolution at point-of-entry; indisputably still young (as evidenced by tremendously animated acidity), but already showing great integrative promise … almost a tea-like character at mid-palate; hibiscus and chamomile, plus some earthily sweet tarragon and white pepper … the fruit is so concentrated it’s almost impossible to describe; poached plums? Baked-to-the-point-of-being-carmelized-beets? Japanese pickled plum candies? Impossible to describe, impossible not to adore … Lovely dark tarry layer on the finish; a tad inky, notes of lead/graphite, traces of Dad’s-wallet-leatheriness (thank you Kyle Kurani!), and a mouth-watering display of round tannins and fine-grain minerality … Based on previous tastings of this wine over the past two years, this vintage is beginning to make a substantial move towards imminent and delicious early pourability …

At the typer, workin' on notes for the '97 ...

Categories: Bordeaux varietals, Cabernet Sauvignon, Monte Bello, Tasting Notes, Varietals & Blends, Viticultural Salmagundi


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