#WBC10, the first morning …

Well, I must say, I’ve already had quite a morning! I wasn’t here more than ten minutes before I found myself in a heavy socio-politcal convo with wine blogger Amy Cleary (winebookgirl.com) and Steve Heimoff, who’ll be giving the keynote speech later today. Not a bad start, though my Riesling did get unfortunately warm over the duration of the convo!

From there I moved through a number of Washington State white wines, including some Dry Riesling from Canoe Ridge

Some Fume Blanc from the perhaps contextually ubiquitous but always deliciously reliable Hogue

A dry Riesling from Kiona


A Pinot Gris from Tranche

And another Fume Blanc, this time from one of my long-time favorite Washington producers, Barnard Griffin

and I have to confess, I broke my white varietals first rule for BG, and also sampled their Rose of Sangiovese, which I loved!

After that, I was interviewed by the folks from the very wonderful WineBizRadio, which I must say, was quite an honor, particularly as I followed the inimitable Hardy Wallace (he of the Dirty South Wine Blog and the Very Goode Job); meaning my segment will probably be cut!

I also (finally!) got to meet Meg Houston Maker (she of Maker’s Table), and I just bumped into Andrea Robinson, who amongst all her other astonishing achievements, has also been a most welcome and exalted guest to Monte Bello on numerous recent occasions.

So rather than feeling like a stranger in a strange land, it turns out I’ve had lovely conversations with all sorts of folks, so cheers to the event, and all its attendees, for making me feel so welcome!

As to the wines themselves, tasting notes to come soon, but in general, I’ve been very impressed with the degree of minerality to be found in these wines across the board, and the seemingly universal and judicious application of oak is also most appreciated; even the Fume Blancs seem to be balanced, integrated, and harmonious.

I should note too, by the way, that the missus and I very much enjoyed a Pinot Gris from Mercer Estates last night (who have a nifty little Ridge connection; do you know of what I speak?) …

Anyhow, more soon!

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