Live Wine Blogging, #WBC10! I

Starting with Dusted Valley Ramblin’ Rose, Columbia Valley, 2009

I’m told it’s been banned in Georgia cuz the label shows a nipple! Oh my …

Anyhow, away we go! (And p.s. the Stained Tooth society is their wine club! Lovely …)

And caveats and disclaimers, we may be adjourning to a faster format quite soon!

Nice dusty mourvedre nose, and it turns out to be a field blend. Love it! Bit of florality from the viognier as well …  Sharp, bright mouthfeel, great acidity, a little heavily viscous for the bowl profile … somewhat dirty finish, liking the earthiness …  Did I mention part of the field blend is counoise? Notes of raspberry, minimal strawberry (making me very happy!), and if anything lacks (to my palate), it’s a bit of a lack of yeast … missing the breadiness …

Overall though, like the integrity of the approach, neutral oak fermentation , South African yeast, low vineyard yields (2 1/2 tons per acre), only 273 cases, and only $18,btl, total winner!

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