Heimoff, The Bums, The Snobs, and #WBC10

“… a slightly suspect beverage consumed by skid row bums and snobs …”

Per Steve Heimoff, this was the world of wine that he came to as a novice back in the day … and I’m thinking, fantastic! What happened to that world?

(pic below is Mr. Heimoff in the middle of giving his keynote speech at the 2010 Wine Blogger’s Conference, otherwise known as #wbc10)

At heart, other than my father, I learned to drink wine from The Beats. Wine went with wild poetry readings, and mountain meditation sessions. Wine went with trains, and camping. Wine sometimes went with nothing other than, well, wine. Just wine. And mainly, wine went with people. It was living with people, in a memorable way. Being where you were, and demanding nothing less that an exhilarating devotion to the moment …

From my father (the true architect of my personal house of wine), a professor of literary criticism rooted in an Italian Marxist tradition, I also learned that wine goes with lividly vibrant political arguments between hairy professors wearing plaid sportcoats with leather elbows, or strangely somber yet passionate poetry readings headed up my bespectacled and shambolic graduate students. And I especially learned that wine goes with family. “At table.” One of my favorite phrases of all time.

This past Father’s Day, my father and I shared a moment over the phone, a moment in which we each gave love to one other as fathers, and we capped it with each of us opening, double-decanting, and drinking a 375ml bottle of 2006 Monte Bello. Just fantastic.

So as far as I’m concerned, Snobs? Skid row bums? You’re all welcome at my table!

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