It’s Walla Walla Time!

I’m checked in, I’m logged on, and I’m ready for the Wine Blogger’s Conference.

The view out my window looks out on some old train cars, the temperatures are high and the sun is bright, and I’ve got my Ah So in my holster (A figure of speech, really. I don’t have an Ah So holster. Yet.)

Travel was a little beyond hectic today, so I’ve actually yet to do much in the way of planning, research, or, for that matter, wine drinking (or wine blogging!). But I’m starting to settle in now, and that ol’ click-clack magic is starting to return to my fingertips …

I realize that’s a rather inappropriate image for someone who writes a blog, but I do a lot of typing on old manual typewriters, and the physicality of the writing is vital to the process, far as I’m concerned, and I believe it keeps me in a bit of shape … so an Underwood it is!

Anyhow, things begin tomorrow, and I look forward to reporting from the field. And if you happen to BE at the conference, and you happen to read this, then PLEASE make sure to find me and say hello. Hello!

Oh, and cheers!

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  1. If you are here in Walla Walla, we are right outside your hotel and have been big fans of Ridge for many, many years. Come by and say hi, we’ll get you set up with some tasty treats. Cheers.

    • Fantastic, what a great comment to receive! I am indeed in Walla Walla, and would be more than happy to pay you all a visit; thanks for the kind words and the invite; plans tonite, but I’m here through Monday, so will definitely swing by before leaving. Thanks again!

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