It’s Not All Wine & Glamour!

Admittedly, it’s sometimes hard to elicit sympathy from a non-wine-industry person when you’re trying to explain that, in the wine industry, it’s not all wine & glamour. I mean, just because we get paid to pour Ridge wines, and talk about Ridge wines, and taste Ridge wines, and do all the above with other people who love Ridge wines … well, I suppose you get the picture.

Anyhow, I’m here to tell you it really isn’t all just wine & glamour! For example, here’s the line-up from a tasting we recently hosted:

Champion Tasting/Ridge Vineyards/June 2010


Now, sure the 2008 Santa Cruz Chard is buzzing with fresh citricity, extraordinary minerality, and youthful, bright acidity! Sure the East Bench is a fantastically welcome new edition to our single-vineyard zinfandel portfolio! Sure, Geyserville & Lytton Springs are the twin pillars of our Zin program! Sure, the ’95 Monte Bello out of half-bottle is like gently trailing a metaphysical velvet blanket sewn from love, theology, jazz, zen buddhism, the feel of baby lamb’s wool under your creek-washed hand, and really, really good plums across your tongue! But I’m telling you, it’s not all wine & glamour!

For example, consider what goes on behind the scenes:

It's Not All Wine & Glamour!


In the background, superstar Monte Bello Tasting Room Host Darren Gardner labors over foils that must be cut to perfection, corks that must be flawlessly extracted, wines that must be elegantly double-decanted, wines that must be tasted, lest a single flaw go un-noticed! And in the foreground? Other superstar Monte Bello Tasting Room Host Sam Howles-Banerji is hard at work muscling his way through 20 pencils that need to be sharpened! Pencils that will be used for the tasting, to record vital tasting notes! These guys are working!

I’m just saying, it’s not all wine & glamour …

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