The Cannabis Enthusiast?

While driving en route to the mountain this morning, I listened to a story on NPR about the rapid increase in branding and marketing activity as regards medical marijuana in California. It was clear from the report that there is a movement afoot in which participants are jockeying for the potential market share that may emerge if cannabis becomes a legal, taxable product in the state.

What I found particularly interesting was that not once but twice during the story, comparisons were made to the wine industry! The implication seemed to be that many feel there is a potential market demographic out there of cannabis enthusiasts who are predicted to behave not unlike serious wine connoisseurs (The Cannabis Enthusiast? Weed Spectator? The Dope Advocate? Bong Magazine? Gary V’s Pot Library TV?), should the opportunity arise for them to become legal consumers.

My question is this, are the serious, artisan-minded wine drinker, and the serious, artisan-minded cannabis consumer, birds of an aesthetic feather? Discuss!

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  1. I am a former wine educator who is now a MMJ patient and cannabis enthusist for sure! I am currently teaching a class in which we taste cannabis just like wine, from sight evaluation to detailed tasting notes, etc. We are an educational cooperative dedicated to the evaluation and education of MMJ and helping all patients get what they need, safely and legally. It is really cool to see the homogenization of the two sub-cultures in these new ways and I look forward to being able to help create a more educated public and ultimately a “greener” planet, in a variety of ways.

  2. Genius photo combination, Christopher. It’s given me the idea for my latest wine gadget: a decanter with a shotgun and intake valve, for self-actuated aeration. I’ve already patented the plans, so don’t even try it 😉

    As for aesthetic similarities, I’d say there’s plenty of overlap, but few who are equally passionate about both arenas from the user’s perspective. From the producer’s perspective, though, especially among the modernist, hi-tech growers, there does seem to be quite an obsession with clonal selection in both the vinifera and cannabis fields.

  3. There is no doubt from what I’ve seen there is a lot of overlap between the two demographics…. is it possible there is a symbiotic relationship between them? 😉

  4. Certainly – anyone who enjoys a high quality product – whether it be a Zinfandel Blend or a finely groomed cannabis product. It is very similar considering the economics and comparison in quality vs quantity.

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