1994 Monte Bello!

Had the very pleasant experience of hosting a group of wine enthusiasts from Belgium today, and to conclude the tasting, we had a go at the 1994 Monte Bello, and I have to say, it’s just exquisite!

This is going to read like a total mash note, but I can’t help it, this wine is just glorious to sample; rich, deep black plum tones in the belly, a gorgeous garnet-crimson limn, exceedingly elegant legs … aromatics redolent of a cedar chest’s worth of concentrated dried autumnal fruits; briar, bramble, and tobacco; blackberry, chokecherry, and lavender, just a veritable gumbo of fruit-derived decadence … concentrated, resolved, a luxuriant mouthfeel at point-of-entry, a silken spread of liquid laying languid across the four corners of the palate; velvety smooth, sophisticatedly mineral-laden, vivacious, tenacious, and delicious … mid-palate shows the first emergence of secondary maturation characteristics, leading into the full power of the long, gluttonous indulgence of the finish … just an utter treat to drink; loads of herbality from the cab, that peculiar intersection of opulence and architecture unique to mountain-grown merlot, the succulent lavender and lilac beauty of prime petit verdot, the vibrant acidity of cab franc, it’s all there, it’s  all integrated, it’s all good …


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