Outside Lands!

If you’re a fan of music and the arts, then I believe it’s a good bet to bet on you being a fan of San Francisco’s Outside Lands Festival. And of course being who I am, and doing what I do, I also believe it’s a good bet to bet on you being a fan of Ridge wine if you’re a fan of wine.

These are both assumptions, of course, and on the off chance I’ve overstepped my bounds, then I’m happy to declare that we have an outstandingly collective opportunity on the horizon to see whether a conversion is in the offing. (And for those of you do already love this festival, and already love these wines, then the event in question should be just a sheer celebration of loveliness!)

The point being, is that Ridge will be pouring at this year’s Outside Lands Festival!

And listen, I want to get you in the know right away, because the demand for tickets to this event is extremely intense, and tickets go on sale TODAY! Here’s the scoop:

 A limited amount of advance Two-Day Tickets and Two-Day VIP Tickets go on-sale Wednesday, June 2nd and Single-Day Tickets and Single-Day VIP Tickets go on-sale Sunday, June 6th. Visit http://www.sfoutsidelands.com <http://www.sfoutsidelands.com> <http://www.sfoutsidelands.com/ <http://www.sfoutsidelands.com/> >  for full lineup and ticket information!


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