It Was One Year Ago Today: Our Donn Reisen Memorial

Exactly one year ago today, an amazing group of people from all over the globe, with hearts both heavy and enraptured, converged on the mountain to mourn the loss of, and celebrate the life of, Donn Reisen. It was an extraordinary day, full of passion and pathos, and hopefully, exactly the sort of gathering Donn would have loved; full of stories, goodwill, and wine. 

Paul Draper, speaking at our memorial for Donn Reisen

Donn had an amazing knack for being so funny, so engaging, so playful, and then all of a sudden that brilliant smile would just flat-out drop, and he’d hit you with a truth that would just knock you backwards. And he’d hold that look for longer than you could stand, and just when you were about to crumble, the corners of his mouth, as if on a marionette’s strings, would suddenly helicopter up, and it would feel as if the long-lost sun had finally emerged from a winter’s worth of cloud.The memorial was like that. It just hurt so much at certain times, yet looking back at the photos, I see myself laughing in picture after picture. The memorial was like that. Just like Donn was like that. Today, 5.8.10, we’re thinking about you Donn, and remembering how we remembered you on that day. 

Donn Reisen


Wherever you may be Donn, safe travels. 

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  1. Dear Christopher,

    I just read your blog regarding the one year anniversary of the memorial for Donn. It was great and truly captured not only the memorial but Donn’s wonderful sense of humor.

    Thank you for honoring the one year anniversary.

    We all miss Donn very much.

    Deirdre Maher
    Wines Unlimited
    New Orleans, Louisiana

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