A 1964 Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon Just Walked Into Our Tasting Room!

Ok, it didn’t actually walk in, at least not by itself. It came in the company of my new two favorite people in the world,  Judi Rosenthal and Peter Dalena. What wondrous folks! They drove all the way up the mountain to share this outstanding rarity with our Monte Bello Tasting Room staff, and we can’ t thank them enough!

Did I mention this was a 1964 Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon?

That’s a 46-year-old wine, in case you’re counting …

And the color …

Was beautiful!

And to give credit where credit is due, here is a snapshot of our lovely benefactors!

And just in case you’d like to watch the tasting action live, here’s a bit of video for you (I think Tara’s reaction at the end pretty much sums up all our feelings; the wine was still tasting wondrously!)

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  1. Awesome! 1964 is my birth year, so that wine is near the top of my list of wines to try before I die.

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