Comin’ Down The Mountain!

(Cue Jane’s Addiction “Mountain Song”)

What do Ridge Vineyards and Jane’s Addiction have in common? Possibly nothing, other than the fact that, every time I head down the mountain from work at the end of the day, I hear Perry Farrell howling the immortal first line of “Mountain Song” …

Comin’ down the mountain!

And as I was hearing this song in my head while beginning the journey down Monte Bello road, I was pondering on what a striking road it is, and so I snapped a few shots to try and capture the moment. I know these snaps can’t really do justice to the wonder of this road in all its winding rustic glory, but hopefully this conveys a little of the majesty …

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  1. Not sure about Jane’s Addiction, when I’m driving down from Monte Bello the song that comes to mind is The Doors’ Roadhouse Blues: “Keep your eyes on the road/Your hands upon the wheel”!

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