Ridge & The Wall Street Journal -or- All The Ridge That’s Fit To Print!

Pair of very interesting articles in the Wall Street Journal recently, both featuring Ridge wines; one written by Lettie Teague, and one by Jay McInerney, two most excellent scribes.

Should you wish to give them a read, you can find Lettie’s article here, and Jay’s here.

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  1. Zinfandel and pork chops. I’ll concur with that suggestion by Mr. McInerney. Several times a year, I’ll grill a few whole pork tenderloins and smother them in an ancho and chipotle spiced peanut mole. Zinfandel is always paired with – and goes in – this wonderful and easy to make (for a mole) sauce. Lytton Springs, or perhaps an East Bench are favorites.

    • “ancho and chipotle spiced peanut mole”???? WHEN do I get to taste some of THAT???

    • http://cookincanuck.blogspot.com/2009/09/rick-bayless-smoky-peanut-mole-recipe.html

      Here’s the recipe I use – from Rick Bayless – with some minor changes. I use dry chipotles rather than teh canned ones. And fry my peanuts for a few minutes in a bit of oil, too.

      Note the chiles pictured on that page are NOT anchos. They look like guajillos to me – which you wouldn’t want to use in this recipe.

      And the mole in the final picture looks a little thick and coarse to me. I will sometimes blend and strain everything twice to make it smoother. But that’s more about texture than flavor.

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