A Rare Look At A Ridge Chardonnay From 2001!

 I very recently had the opportunity to try a rather under-the-radar Ridge offering; the 2001 Ridge Vineyards Coast Range Chardonnay.

Chardonnay is, to say the least, a rather rarefied offering in our portfolio, so to try something out of the vaults that was hard-to-find to begin with was a real treat. Anyone else out there familiar with this wine? Tried it? Tried it recently? Well, here is a quick jot-up of my reactions:

“Aromatics redolent of butterscotch and toasted honey, juxtaposed against a tropicality dominated by lychee notes, and a blend of eastern spice complexity … Not overtly viscous on the palate, definitely toasty, but notable for a great deal of vibrant acidity … The finish marks a return to the toasted honey qualities adding weight to the bouquet … rich, integrated, and ready to drink.” CW (3/10)

And here is what Paul Draper had to say about this wine, back in 2002:

“An early start to the growing season and warm late-summer weather ripened the chardonnay on Monte Bello Ridge earlier than usual. To harvest as flavors developed fully, we divided the grapes on our estate parcels and the three small, neighboring vineyards into fourteen separate pickings. With the exception of one minor tank-fermented experiment, all were handled in the same manner. The fruit was whole-cluster pressed and barrel fermented on its natural yeasts. The lees were stirred weekly throughout a long, natural malolactic fermentation, and the wine racked off the lees after eleven months. We then selected eight of the softer, more approachable lots for this lovely Coast Range. Enjoyable now, it should be at its best over the next few years.” PD (9/02)

If you know this wine, let us know!

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