More From #TRP2010!

Some very interesting seminars I’ve just attended, I must say. Elizabeth Slater on the most vital Dos and Donts for Tasting Rooms and Tasting Room staff, with a break in between for a Talk-To-The-Bloggers panel discussion that featured the announced bloggers Ray Johnson, director of the SF Chronicle Wine Competition and host of TasteWine: Ray Johnson’s Wine Blog, Christian Oggenfuss, founder of Oggenfuss Wine Marketing and host of, and Thea Dwelle, she of the site Luscious Lushes (and a recent attendee to our Wine Blogger’s Tasting!); I say “announced” because there was also a special unannounced guest, Hardy Wallace, host of the Dirty South wine blog (“wine is meant to be crunk!”), and recent winner of the Murphy-Goode “A Really Goode Job” competition …

But back to Elizabeth Slater, who earns every inch of her bio’s claim that she is a “savant”; though one might also say she’s “a hoot” or “a pistol” and not be far off either!

On wine, and when to drink it? “If you wake up on the right side of the grass, that’s cause for celebration!”

On talking to customer for too long in the tasting room? “As soon as they get their credit card out, shut up!”

On the comparative  greater importance of the experience, vs. the contextually lesser importance of the wine itself? “Having a good time makes wine taste better!”

(speaking of quotes, by the way, DEFINITELY stay tuned for a compendium of quotes from Steve Heimoff speaking at the conference!)

Anyhow, I don’t want to spill the beans on Elizabeth Slater’s numerical manifesto of Dos and Donts, but I just have to share one from each to give you the flavor:

DO recognize that “Objections are buying signs” … very interesting …

and DON’T “Touch your hair or your face” … again, very interesting …

(And remind me to tell you what the inside dirt is on how effective the Really Goode Job endeavor was as regards actually selling cases of wine! At least, according to one person “in the know” …)

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