More From Our Wine Blogger’s Tasting: Calling Luscious Lushes!

The wonderfully vibrant writing style of Thea Dwelle, she of the site Luscious Lushes, is on full display in her wrap-up of our debut Wine Blogger’s Tasting, to be found here.

Her opening paragraph ought to be good indication of the insights and enjoyments to follow:

“Silicon Valley?  Yes Virginia, there is wine in the South Bay, high above the muck of Cupertino, on Monte Bello ridge.  Long before the computer chip was invented, the Monte Bello winery was started on this ridge.  At 2600 feet, the winery is located at the apex of the hill, where the upper most vineyards are.  Winding our way past the gravel trucks and up the mountain, there were precarious hairpin turns and road closures, but nothing was going to stop me from getting to the good stuff at the top of that hill.”

Cheers Lushes! “Yes Virginia, there is wine in the South Bay” I love it!

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2 replies

  1. Well with THAT lead in, how can you go wrong 😉

    thanks for the kudos and happy wine-ing!

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