And One More Time From The Wine Blogger’s Tasting!

In a previous post from just shortly after the Wine Blogger’s Tasting, I noted some wonderful wrap-ups from three of our attendees, Amy at WineBookGirl, Dave at Santa Cruz and Santa Clara Valley Wines, and Liren at Kitchen Worthy, all of whom brought really interesting perspectives to bear on the event. From Amy one can read a wonderful interweaving of her descriptions of the event itself, her tasting notes, and lots of additional outside references and sources of relevant information. From Dave we get a real and genuine insider’s view as regards regionality; Dave is one of the most thorough single-region chroniclers I’ve had the pleasure of reading (my old friend Lenn Thompson at comes to mind as another), and his notes are always infused with a real sense of terroir as regards issues of consistency and authenticity. And from Liren one can read what is probably the most unique of the contributions as regards perspective, as she comes to us from the culinary side of the viticultural equation, and accordingly companions her wine observations with fantastic insights and pairings from the kitchen.

I also want to make sure to mention Wes Barton’s contributions as well, which can be found here; Wes is a fiercely brass-tacks writer, so what you’ll find are primarily tasting notes only, but his is an excellent and insightful palate, and this is another great resource for contemporary tasting notes on a wide field of Ridge offerings.

One last thing I want to note; a rather unexpected and I think quite humorous by-product of the Wine Blogger’s Tasting has been the appearance of all the bottle-shot pictures! I think pretty much every attendee seems to have been inspired to try and capture the scope of the tasting by landing the perfect bottle shot photograph, and accordingly, we’ve got quite a roster to enjoy:

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