Wine Blog Awards: Nominations Now Open!

Greetings all!

I would just like to call everyone’s attention to the fact that the nomination period for the Wine Blog Awards is now open, and if you’re someone who, like me, feels grateful for the astonishing amount of quality insight available on wine out there at the blog level, then this is a really great opportunity to show your appreciation, and help draw much-needed and much-deserved attention to some of the great work that’s being done out there.

Being a comparatively new arrival to the world of wine blogs (certainly as a producer of content), I have easily spent as much time reading other writer’s work as I have spent trying to produce my own, and I very much mean it when I say there is some great work being done out there! The more wine bloggers I read, and especially the more I meet and taste with, the more impressed I am with the dedication, sincerity, and skill being deployed.

So again, I encourage you to participate in the nomination process; the great wine bloggers, while traditionally not paid as professionals, work very, very hard, and a little appreciation goes a long way. Plus, this is an excellent way for you to broaden your own horizons; in scanning the rosters of the nominated, you may find a blog you didn’t know about, and it just may open your eyes and broaden your palate in ways previously unimagined.

Becoming a host of a blog has been, for me, an inordinately pleasurable eye-opener of an experience, and much of that is due to my ever-expanding virtual Rolodex of other’s writers contributions; there is so much good stuff out there to peruse, and I hope you are able to take the time to savor the creativity on offer, and reward the deserving with your accolades.


You can make your nominations here.

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  1. hmmn I may have to nominate you for one of those new blogger awards! you’re doing great!

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