Wine Blogger’s Tasting: The Soft Launch

Today will be a very special day on the mountain for me. Why? Because I’ll be hosting the (soft launch?) debut of a new event up here in the Monte Bello Tasting Room: a Wine Blogger’s Tasting! And I must say, I am looking very forward to this. I’ve got quite a lovely roster confirmed; all of them savvy palates, all of them great writers. Here is my guest list of bloggers:

Amy Cleary


Dave Tong

 Santa Cruz Mountains and Santa Clara Valley Wines

Gary Chevsky

 The Iron Chevsky Wine Blog

Liren Baker

 Kitchen Worthy

Thea Dwelle

 Luscious Lushes

Wesley Barton

 Barton Orchard 

Quite a lovely honor roll, if I do say myself. And I must say as well, that we’ve got a rather fine line-up of wines to sample. Perhaps it’s a bit cheeky, but I thought we’d have a go at mimicking bottle-for-bottle the Ridge wines Robert Parker just reviewed for the Wine Advocate. If you don’t recall that flight, you can click here.

And stay tuned for the run-down on how things proceed, and how our guests match up against Mr. Parker’s palate!

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5 replies

  1. Great idea, Chris! Please invite me next time!! I will do my best to make it up there! Or maybe we can organize one together next time I make a trip up there?

    • Hiya Predator! Thanks so much for the comment, and I’l LOVE to have you up next time, that’d be excellent. I should be scheduling the next one soon, and will send an invite across accordingly …


  2. Maybe we can join you next time we’re in the valley


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