Asimov’s The Pour On Ridge at 50!

Eric Asimov, the very fine wine writer for The New York Times, and host of The Pour, recently spent an afternoon here at Ridge Vineyards, on the eve of our 50th Anniversary Celebration and Retrospective Tasting, enjoying a private preview of all that we’d be showcasing and celebrating in the coming days.

His article about his visit is a lovely testament to all Ridge has achieved in these past 5 decades, and a fine display of admiration for Paul Draper’s 40-years of philosophy-first winemaking. Reading it, I felt again the pride that coursed through me when I was first offered a position here. I consider it a great honor to be a part of something so very special, and somehow, reading the graceful prose of a man who so clearly recognizes the singular magic that is Ridge, brought it all back home to me again.

Speaking of Paul’s philosophies, by the way, I’d like to note one particular quote from the article. In explaining how and why Ridge makes wines, Paul said “We’ve always made wines that we loved to drink.” Well said Mr. Draper, well said indeed!

Cheers to you Eric Asimov, for writing such a lovely tribute, cheers to you Paul Draper for all you’ve done and continue to do, and cheers to Ridge for 50 stunning years!

You can read Mr. Asimov’s full article here.

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