Calling All California Wine Bloggers!

Calling all California Wine Bloggers!

(And, of course, Wine Bloggers who are not based in our area, but might be visiting!)

Are you interested in joining a fascinating and knowledgeable cadre of wine tasters for a regularly occurring Tasting Event here in the Monte Bello Tasting Room?

Let me know!

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  1. I’d love it.
    Please give me a two-week notice so that I can adjust my schedule.

  2. Maybe I’m not the perfect audience for this, but I have a blog as well.

    Would love to take part, love the Ridge brand especially at Monte Bello although I don’t enjoy the drive up the mountain to get there.

  3. I’d love to, Chris! I’d even make an effort to drive up there from SoCal for such an event!

  4. Yes, we’d love to… we come there often anyway

  5. I would be interested, if these are tastings done live via our blogs or Twitter. If they are only in-person tasting I probably won’t be able to participate. Let me know!!

  6. I’d love to take part, but I live in Los Angeles and have very few opportunities to get too far away! If it can be done through electronic media, please let me know.


    Randy Fuller

  7. My website is being developed, so right now I mainly post to CellarTracker and WineBerserkers. I’m a big Ridge fan, and always enjoy the Monte Bello tastings.

  8. My personal website has not launched yet, but I was just published in the Huffington Post. Here is the link: I have a great interest in wine (and food of course, especially cheese) and the website will be launching soon. I would love to cover an event like this. Also, I have really enjoyed every Ridge wine I have ever had!

  9. I am a huge Ridge fan and while I blog generally about all things culinary, I would love to participate in this Tasting Event. Ironically, I am in the midst of drafting a post on my most favorite wine from Monte Bello (to be honest, the only reason I have not published it yet is because I was feeling rather selfish about sharing!). Hope to have the opportunity to learn more with other Bay Area Ridge enthusiasts.

  10. I would definitely be interested. Love to hear more, let me know the details…

  11. Count me in! Mid week nights are hard as often traveling for work, but if I am in town, will attend!

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