FANTASTIC Article on Ridge (& The Santa Cruz Mountains Region!) In The San Francisco Chronicle!

Jon Bonné has penned an absolutely wonderful article about Santa Cruz Mountains wines in the San Francisco Chronicle, with a hearty portion of the text devoted to Ridge Vineyards. Here’s how the article begins:

Next week, Paul Draper and his team at Ridge Vineyards will pause from their work at the legendary Monte Bello vineyard and raise a glass to 50 years of winemaking, high above the streets of Cupertino.

Ridge’s half-century history is a testament to the improbable. Neither Draper nor any of Ridge’s founders, all Stanford scientists, were wine people by training. And Monte Bello is the exception that proves the rules in California Cabernet: made in American oak and not French; rarely exceeding 13 percent alcohol.

This would be reactionary if not for the fact that its style (with the exception of more new oak) hasn’t wavered much in more than 40 vintages – a tribute to the old-fashioned techniques that Draper pioneered after arriving in 1969.

You can enjoy the full article here.

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