The Weird & Wonderful World Of Search Engine Terms!

Hmmmm … well, as most of you probably know, the various services out there that provide hosting for blogs usually offer some statistical information as part of the package; how many visits you’ve received, what posts were read, which links were clicked, etc. One of the features that WordPress (our host!) offers is a list of Search Engine Terms; these are the words and phrases people have entered into various search engines that led them to our blog, and boy, is this a weird and wonderful list! In no particular order, here is a short list of some of those terms:

zoot muppet

baked beans wine match

history of women dressed as men


chinese ancient poem beautiful

plymouth reliant

abstract wine and jazz art

georgia o’keeffe cow head

chinese wine dipper

open fire panini grill tongue

“difficult job”

bee gees

fancy wine quotes

7-eleven winery

black musicians born in february

poems about seducing someone to have sex

wine aroma wheel questions

drink wine poem unfaithful

thank you for attending

And perhaps the weirdest and wonderfullest of all:

porno griller

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3 replies

  1. I actually have a porno griller, I got it on QVC. It’s all non stick so it makes for super easy clean up.

  2. And to think I wondered why so much attention is paid to keyword research! By the way, I didn’t search for this entry – it came via Twitter.


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