Ridge A to Z: The Follow-Up!

For those of you who may have missed it, we had a rather lovely event up here at Monte Bello not so very long back (you can read about it and see pics here), and the wine blog-o has very kindly offered up a pair of fine write-ups about said event, which I encourage you to take a look at, in the hopes of exciting you to the point of attendance next time around!

The first comes to us from our friend Dave Tong at his blog Santa Cruz Mountains and Santa Clara Valley wines, and it truly constitutes a really, really excellent summation of all we were trying to do with our Ridge A to Z Membership Showcase. Thanks Dave, we’re really happy you could attend! Here’s Dave’s write-up: Ridge Wine Clubs. Of particular note is Dave’s review of our 1992 Santa Cruz Mountains Chardonnay; this is not a wine I get to pour with anything resembling regularity, and it was a real treat to share it on this fine day. Here is what Dave had to say in his tasting notes:

1992 Chardonnay, Santa Cruz Mountains
An interesting demonstration of how well Ridge wines age. Bear in mind that this is the second wine, the lots that didn’t make it into the Monte Bello Chardonnay, and isn’t intended to be aged. The colour was a nice bright yellow; I’d have expected a darker colour from an 18 year old wine. On the nose it was pure caramel; there was caramel and nuts on the palate. Showing a little oxidation and a light ‘fino sherry’ finish. A very interesting wine. I rarely get the chance to try whites this old and they typically disappoint, but this did not. 90

The second post I’d like to note is from our friends over at Barton Orchard, who also offered up a nice set of tasting notes from the event. You can find the post here, and as with Dave, Wes posted some great notes on the ’92 Chard as well …

92 Chardonnay Santa Cruz Mountains
Nose – very mature, smooth, hazelnut, cardamon, subtle lemon curd, tarragon. Hazelnut, savory lemon, smooth zest, cardamon and nutmeg, tarragon. Excellent mature Chard. Drink now. 92 pts


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