Ridge A to Z: Thank You For Attending, And Check Out The Pics!

Thanks to everyone who attended our Ridge A to Z Membership Showcase Event Last Saturday! We loved having you, and hope you all had a wonderful time! Thanks especially to Fatted Calf Charcuterie for providing such wonderful offerings, and for driving down all the way from Napa! And thanks to the Monte Bello Tasting Room Staff for being such great hosts! And a hearty welcome to our new Wine Program Members! And of course, thanks to Ridge for making such tremendous wine!

If you were in attendance, and would like to revisit the glory of the day, check the pics below. And if you weren’t able to attend this time, well, check the pics below! That way, you’ll be good and excited for the next time we have an A to Z event!

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  1. A good event, highly recommended. Some very nice wines on show.
    There are tasting notes by me and Wes Barton on our blogs.

  2. The FattedCalf makes about the best charcuterie that you can find in the USofA.
    Now for a bit of esoterica: The slicer they were using is known as a Berkel. Made in Italy, it is the RollsRoyce of slicers. Antique models can sell for well over $20,000. With a Berkel, you can slice off your fingertips and not even notice. They usually have a built-in whetstone that you can sharpen the blade in place. There is better machining and craftsmanship that goes into a Berkel than into…a nuclear weapon, for example. That they would lug that thing all the way up to MonteBelloRidge is amazing.
    Looks like a fun event. However, I’d have probably been over there admiring the Berkel and pleading to take it for a drive on a salami that I would not have got around to tasting the wines.


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