Contemporary Tasting Notes On Multiple Monte Bellos!

If you’re interested in perusing an interesting and contemporary set of tasting notes on Monte Bello vintages from 1992, 1994, and 1996, you can take a virtual stroll over to the Spirit of ’76 website and have a read; the notes are posted here: 

Monte Bello Vintage Pack 

And for a very nice summary, in tasting note form, of an event hosted by Paul Draper at Mirabelle restaurant in Austin, in which the 90, 91, 92, and 03 vintages of Monte Bello were tasted (along with several other Ridge offerings), check out: 

The Good Taste Report 

And definitely take a trip over to Vine Arts for a look at their Top Wines of the Year, which happens to include some lovely comments about the 2005, the 1996, and the 1987 vintages. Here is the post: 

2009 Year In Review 

And here’s another year-end summary of wines in 2009, featuring the 2005 Monte Bello, written by Geoff Last for the Calgary Herald: 

Top Ten Wines of 2009 

And lastly, head over to our friends at Slaked for notes on the 1984! 



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