Things I’m Thankful For …

I’ll be out for the rest of the week, so in honor of the coming holiday, I’d like to offer a spontaneous list entitled “Things I’m Thankful For …”

The twin loves of my life: my astonishingly wonderful missus Amy, and my magical, beautific daughter Clara Bay

Our parents

Our collective friends and relations

The 1991 Monte Bello

The music of Sleepy John Estes

Coupe glasses, and those that drink champys from them



Haig’s Hummus

Han-Shan’s Cold Mountain Poems

Single-Vineyard wines

Pocket watches


People who know how to shake hands properly

That I don’t own a Kindle

Rock skipping

Son House

The movie “Casablanca”

The novels of John Fante

That I’ll be serving the 2006 Monte Bello Chardonnay on Thanksgiving Day

Duct Tape

Winnie The Pooh


The poems of William Matthews

Pre-fusion Miles Davis

Tasting Room Staff that can, when tested, pour perfect 1 0z. pours every time


That I’ll be serving the 2005 Lytton West Syrah on Thanksgiving Day

T-Shirts that cleverly deploy swear words

Champys, and the people who drink it out of Coupe glasses

The magnums of 2002 Home Ranch Cabernet that we served at our wedding

Our wedding

The book “Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind”

Peanut Butter Toast — actually, toast of just about any sort, especially baked beans on toast, next to a peat fire, in the west of Ireland

That I got to know Donn Reisen before he passed

Jumbo Paper Clips and #2 Pencils

Curtis Mayfield’s soundtrack to “Superfly”

That I’ll be serving the 2006 Santa Cruz Mountains Estate Cabernet Sauvignon on Thanksgiving Day

Typewriters made before the 1960s, and especially typewriters from the 20s through the 40s, preferably the ones made by Underwood, Royal, and Remington

My unbelievably wondrous missus Amy, and my heart-achingly stupendous daughter Clara Bay

That Nicole was willing to grant me a phone interview from a truck stop in Wyoming

The surround-sound speakers I hope to have in the tasting room next year

John Coltrane’s album “A Love Supreme”

The 2007 vintage of the Buchignani Carignane

Dice. Especially Boss Dice

Swear words

Ankle boots

Sharpies with sharp points

Ah So Cork Pullers



The Clash

Really excellent neckties

People who still call refrigerators “Iceboxes”

People who say “undershirt” instead of “wifebeater”

That I’ll be serving the 2007 Geyserville Essence on Thanksgiving Day

National Steel Resonator Guitars. Specifically, mine

Vertical Tastings of Monte Bello. Specifically, when I’m invited

Red Sauce

The music of Bukka White


Every single person who works for Ridge

My job at Ridge


And every thing else I haven’t written down yet, like Fred McDowell, Dylan Thomas, the 2006 Carmichael, brand-new  foil cutters, really well made chopsticks, walking not running, upright bass players that can really swing, kindness, the constellation Orion, Thelonious Monk, the 2002 Lytton Estate Petite Sirah, my daughter’s Ramones t-shirt, that no one I know eats Fudge with any kind of regularity, bicycles that don’t require the wearing of weird footwear, music, literature, the visual arts, beaches, rivers, forests, and WINE!

On this lovely holiday, may your hearts be filled with thanks, your rooms filled with loved ones, and your glasses full of wine! Cheers, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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