A Vinogra-Thanks! -or- Biography Of A Vinography Choreography! -or- How The Wines Were Placed At Vinography.com!

Just a quick nod of thanks to Alder Yarrow and Vinography.com for the very positive assessments of our wines at the Wine & Spirits Top 100 Event. I’m particularly happy to see the 2005 Monte Bello receiving such high praise, as I think it’s just an absolutely remarkable offering.

In addition, I have discovered, but way of an equally appreciative nod to Ridge from said wine event, a blog I’d like to recommend. It’s called The Iron Chevsky Wine Blog, and it’s truly a treat to peruse; great pictures, great writing, great perspectives. And of course, Ridge is in good favor here, so I’m doubly impressed! You can check the blog out here, and for a near-exhaustively excellent visual and literary summary of the Wine & Spirits event, you can click here.

Cheers gentlemen!

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  1. Nice work with the Monte Bello, it is a special wine that you should all be very proud of.

    Lots of good things happening at Ridge, although I do hate the drive up the mountain!

    • Thank you for the kind words about the Monte Bello, and while I certainly concede the drive is a challenge, just think of the rewards at the top!


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