Around The Word With Ridge Wine -or- How A 1989 Bradford Mountain Traveled From Maui, to Washington, to Texas, and to Tennessee, And How It’s Tasting Now! (Hint: Great!)

I’ve received another one of THOSE e-mails again, one of those great, wonderful, touching, inspiring, gratifying e-mails in which someone shares an amazing story about one of our wines. These time, a lovely customer by the name of Marti is the sender, and here is what she wrote:

“Several years ago, we had been given as gifts, a 1989 Ridge California Cabernet Bradford Mountain and a 1992 Ridge California Cabernet York Creek. We always meant to open these wines but somehow, never did so. Over the years, these bottles moved with us to Maui, Washington, Texas and now, Tennessee. Last night, thinking that the 1989 Cab was now surely vinegar we opened it and in a word, it was marvelous. Full-bodied, berry and oak infused, it was delicious. Thought you would like to know.”

You’re darn right we’d like to know! What a wonderful story! And I have to say, this is particularly gratifying to hear, given the existence of some past critical assessments of this wine that were slightly less than favorable regarding this offering’s potential for longevity. Take that, wine critics! 20 years later, and it’s “marvelous”! I love it! (Even Paul Draper himself only gave this wine a 12-year development window!)

Thanks so much to Marti for sharing her story, and to all of you out there, keep the wine tales coming!


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