Professor Bainbridge on the 1994 Monte Bello …

Have you visited before? It’s a blog hosted by a corporate law professor, but every now and then (pardon the incoming pun) he corks off a rather fine wine review, and recently, he wrote a post about our 1994 Monte Bello that I quite enjoyed.



You can read the full post here, but one thing I specifically wanted to note was the dish he paired with this wine when he served it: Lamb Chops with Mint Salsa Verde! Sounds extraordinary. The recipe comes from, and you can find it here. Oddly enough, recommended pairing the dish with a “high-acid, ultracrisp white”, which the good professor disparages as being “absurd.” I have to say, I think I’m on the professor’s side with this one! Anyone out there have other pairing suggestions for the 1994 Monte Bello? Enquiring minds want to know!

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  1. Hello Monte Bello Fans,
    I opened a 1994 on Thanksgiving to celebrate our first grandchild. It was great! After letting it breath, it had a smooth structure, rich in body and a soft bouquet. The only downside “it was my last bottle!” My son in law never had a better wine…

  2. Professor Bainbridge writes some mighty fine wine reviews. I’m a fan.

    A white wine with lamb is ridiculous

    I’d pair the MB with a stuffed braised leg of lamb per Julia Child.

    • Nice to see another Bainbridge fan! Why am I not suprised? Anyhow, GREAT suggestions for the MB pairing; can I ask for details on the “stuffed” part?


      • Well, shortly after grad school in the late 70s, living in a dark first floor SF flat, we awarded ourselves the Julia Child book, and did a pretty good job of cooking our way through it. My wife was putting a dent in the Maida Heater dessert book at the same time. We were poor, skinny, and ate very well.

        There were many memorable meals (which our neighbors greatly appreciated). One that I can still savor today was the stuffed braised leg of lamb with beans. The stuffing was an olive and ground lamb stuffing. We had winemaker friends join us.

        Very aromatic, rich, flavorful dinner.

        I have a 91 MB that I’m saving for a reprise of that meal.

        (p. 338 of the first volume. It has fingerprints and spills on the page. A good sign.)

      • Wonderful Roland, thank you so much for sharing this, and for evoking for us such a magic set of experiences. Can’t wait to hear about the ’91 reprise!


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