The Essence Arriveth, And Oh My!

2007 Ridge Vineyards California Geyserville Essence


Oh my, where to begin? Perhaps by filling a bath up with this wine, and luxuriating in the re-invigoration of my soul for, say, 24 hours? Or a dab or two behind the ears and on the wrists of my wife, for a night of dinner and dancing? Or maybe I glaze a fresh-caught filet of wild Alaskan salmon with the essence, and grill it to be served with grilled red potato, black-pepper-spiced quinoa salad, and shaved black radish? Or I could just sit here at my desk and stare into the decanter, utter a few cryptic incantations, and watch my future appear in the deep crimson mystery. Then again, I could jump into a vat of melted 85% cacao-content chocolate and slather myself in the rich bittersweet goodness, step out and stand still until I’m solid again, then have someone pour essence on my head; as it runs down my chocolate body, I could summon the hounds of hell to devour me, in hopes of converting their sulking souls to the lights of heaven.

Or I could just sip this rich, beautiful, elegant, inviting, entreatingly sweet, titillatingly structured, languidly mesmerizing concoction, savoring every touch of its supple elegance to my supine palate. Yeah, I could just do that.



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  1. I am looking forward to it. Four of us just shared a bottle of the 2001 Essence on Saturday evening. It was wonderful. Now I can do a mini-vertical of the 2001, 2003 and 2007. Or is that just too sinful?

  2. I made the trek to sample and was stunned. Amazed. I think I repeated Christopher’s remark, a simple “Oh My!” A sip of this captures your attention, your whole mind and soul, and takes you on a trip to all your favorite places. Forget about trying to deconstruct it into its component flavors. When you are noting one, four others are dancing right past you. Stop trying and just enjoy the trip.

  3. Wow – that sounds euphoric! I can’t wait to try it. I may need to pick up a few extra bottles, after reading this….

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