2006 Ridge Old School Is, Well, NEW!

Formerly known as the artist formerly known as Independence School, ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for the Commander from Alexander, the Zin that came to Win, the Pep Rally from the Valley in Cali, the hardest-working wine in show-business, the 2006 Ooooooolllllllllldddddddd Ssssssssssccccchhhhhoooooolllllll!

Old School! 

Old School!

Old School!

Yes, that’s right, the new Advanced Tasting Program offering is about to land on Planet Ridge, and the early returns are wildly enthusiastic. Here’s the tale of the tape (please click for full size):


I had the great pleasure of tasting this wine just this past Saturday, and was very pleased at what I discovered. I’ve put my tasting notes below, but suffice it to say, if you’re already an ATP member, you’ve got a wonderful wine to look forward to, and if you’re not yet an ATP member, well, this might just tip you our direction! And don’t worry, if a Wine Program Membership isn’t currently in your crystal ball, this wine will debut in our tasting rooms come November 1st! And believe you me, this is a perfect autumnal offering!

2006 Ridge Vineyards Old School

A perfectly translucent magenta and ruby limn halo’ing a mid-tone plum belly. Fairly viscous adhesion to the glass walls, with thick, slow tears. Clarity-wise, this wine shows almost impenetrably concentrated in the bowl …

Concentrated, with firmly yet reservedly extracted deep-tone fruit notes, with loads of autumnal spice and a touch of sandalwood …

Little tongue-tip acidity, but very vibrant and mouth-watering along the sides of the tongue and in the cheek; similar with the tannins, very little teeth-to-lip tannin, but deeply mouth-watering across the back-tongue taste buds.

Some warmth on the roof of the mouth, and the subtle emergence of fruit, evoking plum pudding and sweet cranberry sauce …

Very long, very warm, almost brandy-like in its chest-filling concentrativeness …

A young, highly-structured and spice-driven old-vine zin that just begs to be included at the Autumn table …


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  1. Looking forward to it. Thanks again for your great tasting notes.

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