1985 Ridge Vineyards Langtry Road -or- The Rippel Effect!

What a wonderful e-mail I recently received from one Rod Rippel, Ridge fan extraordinaire! 

Given that anytime I receive an e-mail that begins with the words, “Rummaging around in my cellar” I get a tingly feeling on the back of my neck, you can only imagine my excitement when I discovered the words that followed that initial tease: 

“Rummaging around in my cellar I came across a 1985 Ridge Langtry Road Claret bottled in Aug of ’87 under a Ridge label with ATP initials.”

Wow! 1985 Langtry Road! Rod goes on to write:

“I think I’ve had it since the late 80’s.”

Ok, now I’m really getting the shiver-me-timberses; a 1985 Langtry Road, properly stored in a home cellar for 20 years! Ooooh, this could be good!!! And what does Rod write next?

“This wine is still very good!”

Straight, simple, right to the point; literary beauty and the art of simplicity. This wine is still very good. I love it.

85 Claret- Langtry Road

Rod also wrote the following very wonderful set of notes and observations:

Moderate sediment, nice color (petite syrah?), crystal clear. 
Nice balance and mouth feel, berry flavor (Zin?) still there, and nice persistence.
Initial impression – refreshing and drinkable wine.

And he closes with perhaps the most excellent observation of all:

“After 20+ years we should all turn out so well!”

Cheers to that Rod, and thank you!

 Has anyone else out there tasted this wine recently? Do you have a bottle in your cellar? Enquiring minds want to know!

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