New Mexico, Wine & Chile, & A Toast In Honor Of Donn Reisen

Do you find the southwest desert paintings of Georgia O’ Keefe eerily compelling?


(Georgia O’ Keefe, 1935)


Have you oft dreamt of getting your kicks on Route 66?


Were you ever fortunate enough to have spent any time with the very wonderful Donn Reisen, former president of Ridge Vineyards?


And do you believe wine and chile are words that not only belong in the same sentence, but that they’re also substances that belong in the same stomach, namely yours?


Then the Santa Fe Wine & Chile Festival  is something you should seriously consider attending at some point. This year’s event featured the Three R’s of Zinfandel (Ridge, Rosenblum, & Ravenswood), in a tasting in memory of Donn Reisen, and I understand it was a truly wonderful event. Dan Buckler, Ridge’s representative to the Wine & Chile Festival, said “It was one of the best wine events I’ve attended in years.” Pretty high praise …

So, if you answered yes to any of the questions above, then make a pilgramage to a Georgia O’ Keefe retrospective should one appear at your local museum, download “Route 66” to your Ipod (the original 1946 Nat King Cole version, please!), and listen to it while you eat some green chile and drink some Ridge Zinfandel (perhaps the 2007 East Bench?), and raise a toast to Donn.  And then go sign up for next year’s festival.


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3 replies

  1. Christopher,

    As you suggested. I will be making Chili in honor of his Honor Sir Donn and of course drinking some Ridge Zin.


  2. Christopher,

    Thank you for your eloquent tribute. Totally right on and it highlights the diversity and attributes that Donn had. I just found out this evening and needless to say……… I am in shock. I did post something on the condolenses e-mail at the winery.

    Au Voir Donn…….. till we meet again.


  3. Nice mention of SFW&CF, Christopher. You should take your own advice and sign up for the event. We’ll make sure your visit here is worthwhile. They don’t take sign-ups until after July 4, so you have to wait a bit. The GrandTasting usually sells out in a few days…so don’t dawddle.
    One of the highpoints of the Zin Seminar was MarilynReisen. She gave a lovely tribute and rememberance of Donn…spoken very eloquently and from the heart. It was quite moving.

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