One Of The Most Astonishingly Excellent Wine And Cheese Pairing Experiences Ever -or- Ponzo And Harlech, BFF!

We’re pouring the 2006 Ponzo this weekend at Monte Bello. And if you’re coming up to see us, I really, really, really recommend that you consider bringing a wedge of Harlech Somerdale (a Welsh cow’s milk and horseradish cheese), because this is the wine and cheese pairing of the year. Of the decade. Of the century. This is the color I dream in now. The aroma I bathe my clothes in. The paste I brush my teeth with. I put this cheese and wine pairing behind my ears when I go out dancing. Please try this pairing. It’s so lonely on Cloud 9. Or it would be, if I had any conception of loneliness. But I don’t. Because of Ponzo and Harlech. Like Adam and Eve, Laurel and Hardy, Punch and Judy, Ralph and Norton, Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry. Except not like any of those. Only Ponzo and Harlech now. The sky I fly in, the land I walk on. I am a big cavemen club, and the mastodon of life cowers before me. I am Ponzo and Harlech man. Please come see us. We have Ponzo. You bring Harlech. “Hey, you got your Ponzo in my Harlech!” Miracles do happen. Amen.

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  1. I finally got around to trying this combo – with the ’05 Ponzo. And I must say that although I’m probably not as enthusiastic as you, Christopher, it is something I’ll come back to again and again with each new vintage of Ponzo. And will most definitely share with my wine drinking friends.

    I keep checking my local wine shop for the ’06, but it hasn’t shown up there yet. I’ll have to ask the manager if he’s going to order any. If not, I’ll get myself a couple bottles thru

    Thanks for the recommendation. And most definitely for pointing me towards the cheese. It is something special.

    • Thanks for the follow-up, and I’m very happy to hear that the pairing worked for you! And yeah, I’m kind of hard to top for wine and cheese enthusiasm sometimes … and as to the 06 Ponzo, we do have some here at the MBTR as well, so if you can’t find it, just let me know! And of course, don’t forget the 07 either, that’s out now as well!


      p.s. I also have a VERY few cases left of the 05 on site here (we are well under only 100 cases left of the total allocation!), just in case …

  2. I regret to report that I have yet to get around to tasting this combination. I was a little disappointed with the cheese, so I elected not to open the ’05 Ponzo. When I find a better horseradish cheddar, I’m ready though. And I may take the opportunity to pick up an ’06 Ponzo and do a horseradish vertical.

    • Sorry the cheese didn’t work out for you; may I recommend again that you consider the Harlech, it truly is outstanding! And by the way, I LOVE the idea of a horseradish vertical, that’s brilliant!


      • I’ve done just that, Chris – ordered some Harlech. And a handful of other cheeses from With the Thanksgiving Holiday coming up, it’ll be nice to have good cheeses on hand.

      • Wonderful, and do keep me posted on “the results!”


  3. I thought I was going to have to order the Ponzo thru, but to my surprise I found yesterday some of the 2005 Ponzo (as well as a 2006 Paso Robles) at my favorite local merchant who generally carries only Geyserville and Lytton Springs. I was also able while there to pick up a wedge of horseradish cheddar. I’ll be trying this combo either this weekend or next.

    I also found a steal on half-bottles of the 2005 Geyserville – only $14.00 each!

    Yesterday was a fine, fine day of wine finding.

    • Yum! I LOVE 2005 Ponzo! Very nice acquisition … I’m quite curious to see how it goes with the horserading cheddar; 05 as somewhat different in character from the 06, but I’m willing to bet the pairing still works! You’ll have to let me know … as to those Geyserville splits, all I can say is WOW …

  4. Well, I’ve not tried the Ponzo combo you recommend yet. But I wanted to pass along a pairing I tried this week which I quite enjoyed. 2005 Geyserville and white stilton with lemon.

  5. I think I’m going to have to order some Ponzo. I love horseradish cheddar.

  6. So, I’m confused. You like it?

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