The Last Chance Chalkboard!

The Last Chance Chalkboard. What is it?

Here’s a little language from our website:

“…This will be a unique opportunity to taste and purchase special older vintage and end-of-vintage wines from the Ridge cellar … Offerings will vary at each location and bottle purchase limits will apply. Please try to arrive early for the best selections, as availability will be very limited…”

And what does that mean?

It means during the course of our Fall Release Weekend, each of our tasting rooms (Lytton Springs and Monte Bello) will be pulling some extraordinary wines from our respective cellars; to be tasted, then purchased, ’til there ain’t no more left! We’ll go one wine at a time, and when all remaining bottles of the current offering have been purchased, we’ll move on to the next wine.

Here’s a quick look at some of the  elusive acquisitions you might snare at the Lytton Springs Tasting Room:

2000 Lytton Springs (only 1 case left; what a vintage!)

2003 Geyserville (just 3 cases on hand!)

1999 Buchignani Zinfandel (only 1 case left of this brilliant old-vine zin!)

2005 Lytton Springs (the last magnums!)

1999 Lytton Estate Grenache (just over 2 cases left!)

1977 York Creek Cabernet Sauvignon (1977! Need we say more?)

And here’s a sampling of some of the rarities you might be able to acquire at the Monte Bello Tasting Room:

2001 Lytton Estate Syrah (less than 3 cases left!)

2003 Pagani Ranch (less than 1 case left!)

2005 Santa Cruz Chardonnay (#2 on Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines of the Year!)

1977 York Creek Cabernet Sauvignon (see above!)

2005 Syrah/Grenache (less than 3 cases left!)

1992 Whitten Ranch Carignane (16-year Sonoma Carignane! It doesn’t get rarer than this!)

If you’ll be near Monte Bello or Lytton Springs this weekend, then please come join us in celebarating the new Fall Releases, and prepare thyself for the magic that will be The Last Chance Chalkboard!

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