Natural Winemaking -or- Got The Natural Blues? Drink The Natural Reds! -or- The Chronicle Chronicles A Chronicle Of Natural Wines!

Jon Bonné wrote an excellent piece in the San Francisco Chronicle this past Sunday in which he discusses “natural” winemaking. It’s a fascinating topic, and of course a topic of great interest to those of us here at Ridge (Paul Draper in fact gets name-checked in the article), given that Ridge has long been at the forefront of advocation for more “natural” processes as regards making wine.

I actually missed the article when it came out, but Paul brought it  up during our Monday morning meeting; he was particularly impressed with the writer for expressly acknowledging the winemaking side of the equation; so much attention gets paid to vineyard methodologies as regards organic farming, biodynamism, etc., that it was very heartening to see wineries being looked at as well.

In a rather strange confluence of occurrences, Paul happened to mention the matter of “ingredient lists” for wine labels during this meeting, and after I returned to my computer, I found an e-mail from a customer wanting to know if we used any milk products in our wines! Knowing our winemaker Eric Baugher’s passion for the creation of just such an ingredients list, I passed the e-mail on, and he immediately noted it as being a perfect example of why such labeling is so important.

And by the way, no, no milk products are used!

Any thoughts on the matter of “natural” winemaking or the possibility of establishing new labeling standards (i.e. an ingredients list) for wines? Let me know!

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