The A To Z Of Ridge -or- Thanks Gourmet Magazine!

Well, I don’t have the issue in my hands yet, but I’ve just been alerted to the fact that Ridge gets a nice little nod in the September issue of Gourmet Magazine ! (Thanks to Amy Monroe for giving me the heads-up.) If you’re not familiar with itture, Gourmet does a wonderful feature every month in which they use an A-to-Z model for alerting readers to what they describe as “Twenty-six useful, enduring, or simply fascinating food sites, trends, and other Web phenomena.” So, in the September issue, Z is apparently for Ridge Zinfandel! Most excellent …

And inspired by this alphabeticalizing of our Ridge-ness, I have decided to assemble my own personal lexiconically Ridgeified 26-item catalogue of oenophilically Ridgeish entries … Here goes!

A: Alicante Bouschet, a unique and interplanted varietal regularly appearing on stage at the Pagani Ranch Theater, a local company specializing in delicious plays about old-vine Zinfandel.

B: Barbera, as in the 1996 Ridge California Dry Creek Barbera, as in what I tasted with two very kind and long-time Ridge-o-philes in our picnic area one very happy weekend.

C: Cabernet Sauvignon, as in the star of our Monte Bello  Feature Presentation, now showing at a table near you.

D: Dry Creek Valley,  as in home to our Lytton Springs  vineyards, winery, and tasting room. Also, as in D is for Delicious, which is the word you use when you taste wines at Lytton Springs with Melissa, Sandy, and all the Lytton Springs staff. Who rock, by the way. The staff. At Lytton Springs.

E: Enology, of course! (See Oenology!)

F: Franc, as in Cabernet Franc, legendary Bordeux varietal, and regular content provider to the Monte Bello On-Line Journal of Wine.

G: Grenache. As in the new 2004 Grenache, the new November ATP shipment.

H: As in Harvest! Not so much about Neil Young’s album though, and more about really, really big trucks driving up Monte Bello Road full of really, really good grapes.

I: Inoculations. As in we don’t. Inoculate that is. (See Uninoculated Secondary Fermentation!)

J: Jimsomare, as in the Jimsomare Ranch, and the new 2007 Jimsomare Zinfandel. Colloquially known as the ZinJim.

K: As in K & L Wine Merchants, one of California’s finest wine retailers, and one of our favorite shops!

L: Lots. As in 80% of 36 lots being selected for the 2006 Monte Bello!

M: Merlot, also a great Bordeaux varietal, and also a regular and invaluable cast member of the Monte Bello Revue.

N: Nitrogen, super-important component in soil quality, regularly enhanced via beneficial crop cover.

O: Oenology, of course! (See Enology!)

P: Petite Sirah! As in Dynamite Hill. As in Particularly Potable on the Palate.

Q: Quinoa! As in,  the quinoa-and-grilled-vegetables-with-a-creamy-tarragon-and-dijon-marinade that I recently paired with the 2007 Santa Cruz Mountains Estate Chardonnay.

R: Racking, as in transferring wine from one vessel to another, accordingly separating it from lees and sediment. Not to be confused with Rocking. Which is what our wines do.

S: As in Secondary Fermentation. See Below …

T: Tanks, as in Tank Fermentation. See above and below …

U: As in Uninoculated Secondary Fermentation. See above …

V: As in Vertical Flight, as in tasting a lot of different vintages of Monte Bello  side by side!

W: Wine. Duh.

X: Xylem! As in the xylem of post-veraison berries. Duh.

Y: Yeast, as in Natural Wild-Yeast Fermentation. As in yummy.

Z: Zinfandel!


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  1. Must say that if you just look at the single vineyard designations over the years, there is almost a full alphabet of wonderful memories:

    East Bench
    Horseshoe/Young Foster
    Howell Mountain
    Independence School
    Langtry Road
    Maple Vineyard or Monte Rosso
    Pagani Ranch
    Rancho Pequeño
    Santa Cruz Mountains
    Three Valleys or Trentadue
    Whitten Ranch
    York Creek

    • You know, I actually thought of this angle at one point, but knowing I’d never get a “Q” I abandoned ship! It’s lovely to read these names like this though, it almost reads like a poem …

  2. O: Optima, the elegant sans serif font that makes Ridge labels so distinctive.

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