A REAL Wine Mystery For The True RIDGE Sleuth!

Here’s a brain-teaser to truly twist the tendrils of your Ridge detection software: Anybody out there want to hazard a theory as regards the story behind this wine? (See photos below …)

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  1. I’ll take Ridge Trivia for $60, Alec!!!
    Can I play, Christopher??? Or am I automatically disqualified??

    Back in the mid-’60’s, Ridge (Bennion & partners…Pre-Draper) would commonly import wine in barrel, bottle it themselves, and then use the used barrels in their own winemaking. They commonly did this w/ Bdx wine, particularly I recall was Lynch-Bages.
    I was not aware that they also did this w/ Port, but I wouldn’t be too surprised as I seemed to recall Dave was a Port afficianado. Whether it was to be used to make MB Cab, or Zin, or even a Port; I don’t know. I’m not aware of Ridge ever having made a Port, but wouldn’t be surprised if they did way back then. These guys were crazy scientists and did some crazy things.

    • Of course you can play! Your legendary wisdomnesses are always welcome …

      And I’m with you on this one; while I am at least reasonably familiar with much of the folklore surrounding the pre-Paul days of negociant importing and barrel-program-building, I too was unaware of any Port in the equation …

      Any more thoughts/insights/wisdoms/revelations?

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