Jimsomare Virtual Vertical: It Begins!

Greetings! We’re officially beginning our Jimsomare Virtual Vertical! There are two ways you can submit your tasting notes; either via a comment to this post, or on Twitter (#Jimsomare). Bring on the Jimsomare!

Update: From Richard Jennings’ notes on Cellar Tracker:

1988 Ridge Zinfandel Late Picked Jimsomare

90 — Medium bricking red color with pale meniscus; earthy, mature, tobacco, leather nose; mature, dried berry, mushroom, cassis palate with a sense of tomato paste; long finish 90+ pts.

1997 Ridge Zinfandel Jimsomare

91 — Dark raspberry red color with pale meniscus; fig, berry, currant and plum nose and palate, with a green note; medium finish.

2007 Ridge Zinfandel Jimsomare (USA, California, San Francisco Bay, Santa Cruz Mountains)

90  — Dark cherry red color; big berry, mulberry, plum, currant and herbal nose; tasty, light medium bodied, currant, mulberry, elderberry palate with a green note; medium finish.

Update: From our good friend David Tong over at Santa Cruz Mountains and Santa Clara Valley wines (full tasting notes are available at David’s blog …)

2007 Jimsomare Zinfandel, Santa Cruz Mountains
Nose was fruity but seemed atypical for a Zinfandel. Layers of deep, heavy fruit; blackberry, smoke and “Red Vines”, with a longish finish. It triggered a memory of whinberry pie (a small English bilberry).

1997 Jimsomare Zinfandel, Santa Cruz Mountains
Showing a more traditional Zin profile; a tart raspberry/cranberry nose, lots of smooth raspberry fruit and a good, long and balanced finish. Hard to believe that it’s 12 years old, it seems so lively. Delicious.

Update: From over in the land of Twitter…

The 1988 Ridge #Jimsomare zin was a treat 2 taste 2nt. Still lots of fruit in 21 yr old wine. Wow!

Update: Our first reviews are coming in; from Roland Dumas, his assessment of the new 2007 Jimsomare (“…this will open up to a great wine, perhaps one of the best JimZins and one of the best from Ridge…”), and from me, my notes on the 1988 Late-Picked Jimsomare (see below):

1988 Ridge Jimsomare Late-Picked


Mostly brightly ruby-toned, with some burgundy highlights and rich centralized plum tones in the belly of the bowl. Limned with a gorgeous shimmering raspberry. And what a glaze! Absolutely no legs to speak of; remarkable viscosity …


Heavy notes of molasses, honey, and syrup of both the maple and blueberry varieties, with the complements of brighter cherry notes and the sweetness of both plum sauce and honey. Under all of this, a rustic layer of earth and bramble. Just a slight hint of ripe prune, and the barest whiff of oak.


Not too much acid at the front of the tongue, but a surprisingly bright fruit expression, which gives the very pleasant illusion of vivacity right away. The acids begin to develop along the side of the tongue and the roof of the mouth as the wine moves towards the mid-palate. The combination of emergent stem rusticity and leaf herbality brand this as mountain fruit immediately …


Emergence of a certain chalky, almost granular tannin architecture counterbalancing the growing sweetness of the fruit profile, which is juicy and quite concentrated; all the while maintaining a certain singular elegance as to the weight of the mouthfeel.


Long, subtle, elegant, and sweet, with a very fine acid-tannin-fruit balance. Not particularly spicy per se, but very lively, very supple, with an almost decadently mitigated sweetness that never so much as even borders on cloying …


Really quite delicious!

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3 replies

  1. What an amazing opportunity for participants!

    I wonder if anyone will write this up for this month’s Wine Blogging Weds? The prompt is positively zin-ful!

  2. Now if I could only find a bottle lol.

    Nice you guys keep this blog up, very impressive!

  3. Jimsomare Zin is always interesting and different. It’s different from other zinfandels and each vintage is different from others. One doesn’t expect that zin-berry flavor profile of Sonoma zins or the prune-plum-blackberry profile of central coast. It is its own animal.

    The 07 surprised me. Even though I was expecting a surprise, this was a big surprise. First, on the nose is apple. Not that hard Granny Smith apple, but something richer – maybe a gravenstein, with some sweetness in the nose. Initially, that dominates the aromas, though you can detect some berry notes. On first sip, the bracing acidity awakens the palate. Again, not a hard acidity, but something that sounds an alert and makes you pay attention to all the places in your mouth that are detecting it. A wake-up acidity. Bracing is the best word I can think of.

    Then, the fruit notes start playing. It’s closed in, to be sure, but the brighter fruit notes of cranberry and blackberry are there, without any of the plum and prune flavors that creep in when the fruit is overripe. After the fruit, then some light notes of mushroom, earth, and spice play out, and then the nose turns creamy and perfumed.

    With Ridge zins, I expect a certain amount of soft tannin that lays a foundation for a texture in the wine. This one is quite different. Tannins are barely noticeable, and with the clear fruit and bracing acidity, it announces a clean, very clean, pure series of flavors that is overlain by the sweet apple and perfume. It doesn’t need any bass notes to support the melody, I think.
    I might be tempted to enjoy this wine young with a grilled salmon. The fruit is clean enough and the acidity high enough that it would make a magical pairing. I think, though, that in two, five, or maybe ten years, this will open up to a great wine, perhaps one of the best JimZins and one of the best from Ridge.

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