Regarding Biking Up Monte Bello Road

No, I most certainly did not bike up Monte Bello Road myself, but I stumbled upon a blog posting from someone who very recently did, and I wanted to share the link, because there are two extraordinary photos from the summit that this hearty and hale individual took that I find to be very beautiful, and very worth seeing. You can peruse the images, and read the tale of the climb and descent, by clicking here.

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  1. Dear Christopher,
    I recently came back to California from a lengthy (5 years) stay away from the States. I got completely up to speed with the different programs at Ridge and am now receiving wines. The short article you posted here from the cyclist who rode up Monte Bello Rd. brought back memories of the years 1979-2002, when I rode up there many, many times to taste, and help with the harvest (do you guys still have members do that?). One of those days resulted in Mr. Draper bringing out (a lot) old vintages and sharing them with those who lingered (like me). It was a great, sunny day (maybe 1981?) and I had a pretty serious crash going down the road…the perils of riding while drinking wine, I suppose….anyway, I was a mess, and had to be tended to at a hospital in Cupertino…and had to pay for the windshield, etc. of the car I went into! I haven’t thought about that in a while, so I thought I would share….I probably rode up that road 25 or 30 times during those years…living in Palo Alto.

    • Oh good lord Dean, what a tale! So happy you survived your fall and came out ok; man, through a windshield? Ouch! Well, anyhow, I hope your other memories are a little less, shall we say, painful?

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