Ridge Vineyards 2002 Geyserville

I had a conversation with a wonderful guest recently, at our Z-List After-Hours event, and one of the things he asked me was whether I had tasted the ’02 Geyserville recently. I though I had, but as it turns out, I had misremembered myself. However, I was able to speak to our winemaker here at Monte Bello, Eric Baugher, and he had tasted it as recently as last April, and was able to provide some notes. For those of you wondering about current projections of longevity as regards the 2002 Geyserville, here’s the scoop!

“I have looked through my notes and found that I last tasted ‘02GY on 5 April 2009.  It was showing impressive concentration of primary bramble fruit, loads of black cherry, jam, exotic spice, chocolate, and gravel earth.  The palate was very rich, creamy in texture, fully ripe, fresh, well-defined elegant tannins, with long finish.  In my assessment, it’s still quite young and needing at least another 3-5 years.” -EB



If you have a read of the back label text (click image above for full size), you’ll see that Paul Draper’s notes were penned in 2003, and that he estimated about a ten-year development spectrum, theoretically putting optimum pourability somewhere about 2013, which pretty much squares with Eric’s 3-5 as of 2009, so if you’re holding ’02 Geyserville in your cellar, you can start dreaming about 2013!

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