Another Magic Misty Morning Moment At Monte Bello – or – Such A Spiderweb I Never Did See!

What a morning at Monte Bello! Beautiful fogged in, misty, wet weather, sort of a wisps-on-the-moor/loch ness/sherlock holmes/irish ghost story/oenological gothic sort of a morning … And up in our Main Barn, just outside one of the large windows overlooking the brush line along the cliffs above the valley, such a spiderweb! Every strand wrapped in a thin sheaf of misty moisture, it hung there vaguely glittering in the mid-morning glaze of Payne’s country gray skies, above shrouds of trees and paths shimmering with dew … The backlight was so peculiary both muted and bright it was almost impossible to capture with a camera, but I’ve done my best; I hope the shots below do some form of justice to this most magical of misty morning moments …


Categories: Events, Monte Bello, Viticultural Salmagundi

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