Outta-Sight! -or- The Voice Of A Very Groovy Past Speaks Anew -or- Guestbook Memories!

 So, now that I’ve FINALLY stopped laughing, I can compose myself enough to tell you a very funny tale: Our warehouse staff has been doing a little housecleaning this month, going through old boxes of old records and whatnot, and one of the fascinating treasures they came across was a collection of Guestbook pages dating  back over 30 years! This alone would be noteworthy, but the story gets better.

From a Guestbook page dated March, 1970, they found the entry of one Michael Riese, who apparently visited the Monte Bello Tasting Room that day! (You may remember Michael from The Official Ridge-Ite 20 Questions Questionnaire; his wsa the first one I posted.) Amazing! A 38-year-old Guestbook entry from someone who had no way of knowing at the time that he would eventually have a 30-year employment history with Ridge! And still, the story gets even better!

Now, remember, this was the 70s. The very early 70s. In fact, it was almost still the 60s. As a musical point of reference, Janis Joplin’s version of “Me And Bobby McGhee” was on the top of the Billboard Charts in March of 1970! Anyhow, in the Guestbook, there is a comment field. And you can see below just exactly how 70s Mr. Riese was feeling (click the image to see full-size):


Unfortunately for Michael, he worked in the MBTR the day after this discovery was made, and I of course made sure everyone working that weekend saw the photo. Needless to say, every time poor Michael said anything, he was met with a resounding “Outta-sight!”

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  1. Um… does the phrase at the top above Michael’s repsonse say “Can Dig it!” ???

    Good Lord.

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