Fiddletown Revisited! -or- Current Tasting Notes: 1974 Ridge Vineyards Fiddletown Zinfandel!


You may remember a recent post in which the 1974 Ridge Vineyards Fiddletown Zinfandel was the primary topic of discussion.  (You can find it here).  Although I received some wonderful back-history on this rare offering in the course of assembling the post, I had no contemporary tasting notes. But now I do! Courtesy of a great friend to Ridge whom I’ll call Ron P, we have evidence from a very recent tasting on the current state of this wine. Here are the notes Ron P provided me:


“Bottom line: The 1974 Fiddletown was wonderful.

We had friends over for dinner last night. They’re enthusiastic, knowledgeable wine drinkers, whose taste runs to the better wines.

I found I had three bottles of the ’74 Fiddletown.  All were down a bit in volume, I guess due to migration of the wine through the cork.

 The cork was a challenge to remove, as it had become very weak; I used my favorite opener for situations like this, an Ah-So.

There was minimal sediment; color was mostly classic zin, with only a tiny hint of brown.  It was soft on the palate, with an elegant finish.  We all waxed poetic about the staying power of this remarkable 35-year old(!) wine, a zinfandel no less.  It was a fine complement to hamburgers on the grill.

An added note, the wine was not stored in classically proper conditions.  It was stored indoors; was always on its side, but temperature was all over the place.”


Hurrah for the Fiddletown, Hurrah for Ron P!

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  1. Wish me luck on the remaining two bottles!

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