The 1972 RIDGE Vineyards York Creek Petite Sirah, And A 37th Birthday

One of the most fascinating and excellent things about my job here is the opportunity to field stories from people who share their experiences with our wines. It never fails to amaze me the part RIDGE wines have played in people’s lives; we’ve been there for weddings, for anniversaries, for births, for funerals — from romantic getaways for lovers, to desperate and trying times for the lonely, RIDGE has found a deep an important place in people’s personal histories. I think it’s truly remarkable …

Anyhow, with that in mind, I wanted to take a quick opportunity to share a story and photo that came across my bow the other day. RIDGE was fortunate to be a part of a 37th birthday celebration recently, in the form of our 1972 RIDGE Vineyards York Creek Petite Sirah, and I’m happy to say that the birthday honoree found the wine to be “surprisingly excellent,” and showing “wonderful character.” Fantastic! And here’s the wine in question:



Happy Birthday to you sir, and thank you for allowing us to be part of your celebration!


p.s. As a point of cultural reference, do you know what the top-selling album of 1972 was? “Harvest” by Neil Young!


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